Life Would Be Better If…

“Life would be better if girls had mute buttons, boys had edit buttons, bad times had fast forward buttons and good times had pause buttons.”-Unknown

A nurse on the birth unit got creative and started to make earring’s, selling them for $6, proceeds to fund her nursing licence as she was on maternity leave. They are cute fabric covered buttons and after purchasing two pairs, I had to try and make them myself. They are super simple, everything you need can be purchased at Walmart and they are a perfect budget-busting,DIY gift for friends during the holiday season.

You will need:
-assorted fat quarters of fabric (a buck square)
-earring posts and backs
-hot glue gun
-fabric coverable buttons

The directions are on the back of the button box, but you basically cut a small square of fabric, a little bigger than the button you will be covering. Place fabric followed by button in the white rubber holder, tuck the edges in and place button back on top. Pop back into place with the smaller ring they provide. Next push down the grommet used to sew button to shirt and use the hot glue gun to glue the earring post in place. Let cool and voila! Perfectly adorable earrings for you and your friends at about a quarter a pair. If that isn’t budget friendly, I don’t know what it!

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