I Am Six-Foot-Two, Four-Hundred Pounds

“I am six-foot-two, four-hundred pounds. I may look like the guy on the ten most wanted, you know I am nothing to be scared of. Well I’m no fun on a teeter totter honey, your feet will never touch the ground. I’m gonna do more for you than those other guys could, I’m gonna love you pound for pound.”-Matt Andersen

Matt Andersen…where do I even begin? A home grown East Coast phenomenon hailing from small town New Brunswick, he plays the guitar like I have never seen before. His lyrics are witty and he has huge and endearing stage presence (and not just because he is a large man with large chops and large hair). And man oh man, can he ever sing the blues. He is the first Canadian EVER to win top prize at the International Blues Festival in Memphis and he tours over 200 venues a year. If you ever get the chance to see him, don’t pass it up. I took my father to the Indian River Music festival for his birthday and I recently took my boyfriend here in Halifax. Neither had seen him live before and both had their minds blown away. Keep in mind he sells out fast, often doesn’t have an opener and his only back up is a bass his very talented friend plays. Tickets are reasonably priced and he often plays for three hours… I can’t wait to see him again!
Check him out at  http://www.stubbyfingers.ca

Not  a bad venue eh?
Indian River Church!

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