A Face Is Like The Outside Of A House…

“A face is like the the outside of a house, and most faces, like most houses, give us an idea of what we can expect to find inside.”-Loretta Young

For over a month now I have been tying with all my might, using every inch of my under five foot frame to  convince someone to take my money in exchange for their properties. It is much harder than I ever could have imagined to buy a set of flats in the city. With real estate comes Realtors and with Realtors come selling agents. With flats come tenants, with tenants come tenure and with tenure come tenancy acts. Can you see the trend? Ah, if nothing else I am getting a very good education in real estate from an excellent realtor and an excellent mortgage broker (I can hook you up if you are in need of either).

I have been so busy between working, travelling (Calgary is lovely as are all of my my friends that live there), trying to buy houses and helping my aunt open her bistro that I have had no time to bake, craft, be creative, drink excessive amount of coffee or do anything that I normally do best. Sigh..

Anyway, here are some house things that I love…if only I had walls to apply them to and rooms to experiment with…double sigh.

Head Board Envy..
Couch Envy…
Rustic/vintage with no fear or color!
Headboard/bedroom envy.
Mirror and bedding…love the gingham!
Serious closet envy!

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