We Are Like The Wicked Witch……

“We are like the wicked witch. We promise gingerbread then eat the little brats alive..”-Orson Scott Card

“Going so soon? I wouldn’t hear of it. Why my little party’s just beginning. “- Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz

The end of October brought about a few changes and challenges. Adam moved over, I tried my hardest to buy a house and I took a trip. The house fell through, I guess that is what happens when one doesn’t have an oil tank, furnace or legal electrical along with an unmotivated seller. If nothing else, it was a very good learning exercise. I guess you could say I have been one busy lady!

Adam and I road tripped to Boston. We ate at Quincy Market, saw a Bruins game and drove to Salem (with a pit stop at Ikea…wow what a place!). Salem was great. It is a beautiful little town, approximately 47,000 people reside there. Famous for the trials where nineteen people were hung on the basis of being a witch (not to mention one man was crushed to death). The town is full of history and people flock there year round to get an interesting history lesson and to get spooked. Halloween weekend brings around 100,000 visitors a day, BandB’s get booked at exaggerated rates, pubs and taverns fill to the brim and ghost, ghoul and witch enthusiasts get to live a bit of the dream. We did a couple of museums, had lunch in a very artsy cafe, drank cider and went on a ghost tour. A man walked us around a very dark Salem in period clothing to places where paranormal experiences have occurred and told the tales behind them. Sadly no ghosts appeared, but the cider, the bright moon and crunchy leaves made for a very lovely spooky walk. I enjoyed the history, the architecture and the company. I can not wait to go back again!

Festive displays like this were on every street corner..
What a view!
So fitting!
Got caught in a bit of hocus pocus…
Lovely well kept houses, loved the pumpkins over the doors!

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