An Optimist Is A Person Who….

“An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on thanksgiving.”-Irv K

I have a confession. I, Micheline Helen Briand had never…never ever, cooked a big turkey dinner all on my own. We all know I love to cook and bake and putter around incessantly in the kitchen. I have also helped my mom stuff a turkey, mash potatoes and bake pies for many holiday feasts. Never have I ever done it all on my own start to finish. In all honestly I am sure I was sleeping for most of the prep work on countless occasions. I had no excuses and this Thanksgiving I decided that I would pop my turkey basting cherry and have my grandparents and uncles over. Hoping I wouldn’t have to make an emergency 911 call to the quickest pizza delivery, I dragged kitchen table into the living room to accommodate five people. My turkey dinner went off without a hitch, that is unless you count my look bag bursting, about a dozen frantic calls to my mom and dad for moral support and one second degree burn to my right breast. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and among other things, I am thankful my turkey didn’t turn out like the one on christmas vacation…

For a simple fall centerpeice, I carved out the brains of a small pumpkin from the market, I placed a small rocks glass inside with some water and filled it with fall flowers.  Cute and simple! Enjoy!

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