We Live In A Disposable Society….

“We live in a disposable society. It is easier to throw things out than to fix them.We even give it a name- we call it recycling.”- Neil LaButer

Renovators Resource can be found on Maynard street in downtown Halifax. It is a very unassuming hole in the wall that is filled with treasures recycled from old homes that went up for demolition (probably to build a towering condo). I am talking crystal door knobs, old doors and claw foot tubs. Everything from light fixtures to door hinges and all of it is dusty, grimy and full of potential. I love the idea of crystal door knobs as hooks in bathrooms to hang towels or used to display jewelry and keep necklaces tangle free. I have seen many an antique door turned into headboards and wall art and room dividers. Windows make lovely mirrors and old lock plates would look beautiful framed with an accent color behind them (say red in a heavy black frame). The possibilities are endless. My favorite find, besides the amazing antique mantel my aunt picked up to use as focal point in her restaurant, would be tub claw feet. They are beautiful, silver or gold and would be a great door stop among lots of other things. All of this is affordable, unique and can add some character in places where it is lacking. Check it out.

Look at all this stuff:

Picture these bad boys framed down a hallway..
Tub feet…ten buck and they are beauts!
Pretty great right?

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