Ghosts, Like Ladies…

“Ghosts, like ladies, never speak until spoken to…”-Richard Barham

I love Halloween, always have and probably always will. It never mattered as a kid that it was so cold you often had to wear a snow suit under your costume or that your green “wash out” hair color would maintain a green, chlorine colored hue for weeks. Halloween was something well planned and well executed in our household. My mother was always a creative genius. Twenty-six years later I still love October, Halloween and fall in general. I totally buy into spooky things and make ghost walks around Halifax and citadel hill a top priority, even though I have heard the tales dozens of times. This year I am pulling out the big guns…Salem. That is right folks, a trip to Boston will not only allow me to realise my Ikea dreams but also bring me to Salem, near the very end of October. What could be spookier than that?!

Here is a do it yourself project for those that like Halloween and like pumpkins but don’t enjoy removing their brains. Get some liquid glue, a small paint brush and some glitter (mine is all from the dollar store). Pick up a few pumpkins, I went for small pie pumpkins and little gourds from the market. Make patterns with the glue on your pumpkins and thoroughly dust with glitter. Allow to dry and enjoy!

Polka dots…cute right?
Three little pumpkins all in a row…
Mahone Bay…not the cheapest place to buy pumpkins I must say..

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