There Is Nothing-Absolutely Nothing…

“There is nothing-absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing than simply messing about in boats..”

-Ken Grahame

So on a random sunny and moderately windy Sunday, I popped my sister’s Mahone Bay Cherry. She has been living in Halifax for around five years and had never ventured out that way.

Mahone Bay is lovely…it was originally a wooden ship building town that has since became well known for it’s picture perfect views, three steepled churches and unique shops/eateries that cater to tourists. Picture beautiful, stately houses that are very well kept and painted in stand out colors. They also have a little market and every fall they have a scare-crow festival. Totally awesome.

On this day we hopped into my little white car and just drove till we got there. We stopped and got coffee from a cafe, paroozed the shops, enjoyed the scenery and found a lovely little antique shop. Perfect way to spend an other wise lazy Sunday.

Nice right?
Dad’s Ice Cream and Ma’s Antiques…gotta say, odd combination and even odder smell..
LOVED. Loved this place!
Wanted to take this chest home with me! Not for sale!
Also wanted to take home everything in it! Clip-on heaven!
So pretty!

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