It’s A Wise Husband…

“It’s a wise husband who will buy his wife such fine china that she won’t trust him to wash the dishes”- Unknown

Remember that birthday I had in August? The one where I got a stunning amount of china and crystal for almost free while antiquing with my mother? Well…it is all washed and put away in my hutch and I must say it is looking some classy and all  fabulous! I had dinner on it once already. Pasta, for no special occasion (well there did happen to be a handsome boy over for dinner, but does that count as a special occasion?). I just feel like you don’t always need a special occasion to use nice things, if you save them you don’t get to enjoy them. Same goes for lipstick (why save it for a fancy night out when it perks you right up?), jewelry and anything else people hoard. Plus I have a feeling these dishes have been through a lot before they made it to my little life-vest-orange and lime green kitchen. May as well have Kraft Dinner, on a rainy Tuesday, on fine bone china. Why not right?

Cute right? It’s called “Moonstone”, I heart diddly heart it!
Wine in crystal. How fab.
Some old papers to frame!

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