Believe In The Beauty…

“Believe in the beauty of the future”- Sarah Lucero

Two things…
Did you know…

1) Sephora, beautiful and magical and sparkly Sephora has opened in the Halifax Shopping Center! fun, and directly across from MAC. A make-up-a-holics dream.

2) If you save your empty cases, such as lipstick, blush etc, MAC will give you a free lipstick, lipglass or eyeshadow just for being environmentally conscious and turning in six empties. That is my kind of makeup.

As I am on a serious budget (debt free when 26 is the goal!) and as I needed a serious pick-me-up on a very humid, very dull day in Halifax, I hunted in my vanity for six empty cases. I then picked up the Sephora gift card my beautiful friend Lesley gave me for my birthday and headed off in the hopes of a new fabulous self…or at least an upgraded version for the fall! At MAC I met my new soon-to-be best friend Greg (he just doesn’t know it yet!). He picked out the perfect berry colored (and free!) lipstick for the fall and turns out all my favs are his favs…like I said we are gonna be best friends. After success at MAC, I crossed the hall to Sephora where I was accosted by a few too many good smells and genius marketing/ packaging ploys. Ah how a vintage themed packaging sucks me in every time. I held my ground though and wound up at the Stila counter transfixed by an eye palette that could go from bare to smokey. Pretty much the perfect ten go-to shades that can be mixed and matched anyway a girls heart desires. Needless to say I whipped put my gift card and the rest is history. Have fun being fabulous!

Stila in Hali, who woulda thunk it?

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