If God wanted Us To Be Naked….

“If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?”-Shannen Doherty

With my very best friend getting married in December and with more friends home for summer vacation at the same time than I can remember in years, the opportunity to throw a bridal shower could not be passed up! Since Kristy is not only my best friend but she is also a wonderful mommy, a hard working student, always only a phone call away and one of the most fun and fabulous people I know, her shower had to be just as awesome. Hosted at my lovely friend Sinead’s new condo, we threw a “Panty Party” in Kirsty’s honor. What is a panty party you may ask? Well as the bride had to travel across the country and back again, lingerie doesn’t take up very much room in a suitcase and it is way more fun and exciting then new towels and hand knitted dish clothes (that is unless those things excite you!). The day was filled with champagne mimosas, baileys avec coffee, munchies, friends, sexy gear, laughs and an underwear tree (she had to guess who brought her which ones!). Sinead went above and beyond and was a wonderful hostess! Cant wait to do it again!

Hand made invites…each one a little bit different!
We decorated!
Champagne isn’t the easiest to open!

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