I Collect Antiques….

“I collect antiques. Why? Because they are beautiful…”-Broderick Crawford

I am officially all of  twenty-six years old as of yesterday. How did I spend it? Well I antiqued all day with my mother and had a lovely lunch in an eclectic cafe. I met my dad for delicious Lebanese food and topped all of that off by spending the evening with a few of my very best friends at a play that celebrated one of the very best islands. Best birthday ever.

Today however, I am going to blog about the antiquing. This is a summer tradition of mine and my mother’s. We hop in the car, coffee in hand and drive until we find and antique shop. We hunt for treasures, bargains and long forgotten furniture. Over the years we have furnished my bedroom, my kitchen and picked up many pretty pieces for mom’s house as well. Sometimes we come back empty handed and once it was with a single key that I have been wearing around my neck ever since. Yesterday we hit the china and crystal mother load. I ended up with crystal wine glasses (eleven for a mere $22) and an almost full twelve piece china set ($35 including fruit nappies and soup bowls!). Yes, china is very old fashioned, some might call it archaic but I plan on having a very fun, very fancy dinner party. Wanna come? I also picked up two old magazines to frame from 1948 and 1953. Mom and I each got petite crystal ash trays for rings on our bed side tables and mom found some beautiful stem wear and little juice glasses. It was a big day. Thank goodness for dishwashers!

Half way through the day we stopped in Victoria By The Sea and had lunch at The Landmark Cafe. What a neat little place. Pantry shelves from the floor to the ceiling greet you with a variety of interesting nick-knacks. Strong coffee, hot soup and an open kitchen where you can watch the chef work his magic made for a perfect pit stop! If you have not tried antique hunting and even if you couldn’t care less about old stuff, it is always fun to spend a day thrifting though the past. Try it out!

Pretty glass finds…
Mom in a fancy hat!
Beautiful pears spotted while walking through Victoria
Landmark cafe!

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