When Life Gives You Limes…

“When life gives you limes….make a mojito!”-unknown

Or in my case, when your mother grows a variety of mints on the deck…. make a mojito! Which is exactly what I have been doing for the last six days and exactly what I intend to do for the next week (or at least until my vacation is over!). Ah vacation on the island…nothing beats it. Beach weddings, beach days, evening on the deck and so many friends and people to see that it is both overwhelming and wonderful. Pause for mojito break! I kid….sort of. Enjoy the last of the summer!

Perfect mojito with a ginger twist:

-several fresh mint leaves
-white rum
-ginger ale

So, skip the soda and simple syrup and opt for a less convoluted and lazy summer mojito that is equally as refreshing . Beat the snot out of your mint in a mortar and pestle (or in the bottom of the drinking glass with a wooden spoon). Add a wedge of lime and continue to beat. Pour contents into tall rocks glass. Add one or two ounces of white rum. Squeeze in more lime, smother with ice and then drown with g.ale. Mix well and serve, preferably on a deck in the sun!

Best thing ever!

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