Home Is A Place…

“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”- John Ed Pearce

I was home on the weekend. I don’t live far from home, a mere three and a half hour drive, but the rift between Halifax city life and PEI summer life seems to grow bigger with each visit I make home. In the city I can’t just go and pick flowers on my street or back yard, leave them in the sink for the garden spiders to crawl out of and end up with a perfect summery bouquet. I would probably be arrested if I used my kitchen scissors to grab some of the lilacs, hostas and tulips that have been planted on the boulevard in front of my apartment building. I can’t walk a mere five minutes and be on a perfectly sandy beach or pass by beautiful lupins growing wild in every ditch or roadside field on my way to town. Seasonal restaurants and cafes don’t exist here in the city, but at home they are plentiful and you always personally know at least one of the staff members. Going home you trade your anonymity for beaches, friends, classmates, family and all things summer. I think that is a fair trade.

The Dunes…one of my very favorite seasonal shops/cafes.
New silver and gold basket for the market that I picked up at lunch at The Dunes..
Home, starting to look awfully summery!
Back yard and field flowers!
ah…the beach..

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