Actually, I Wear The Nail Polish…

“Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are..”-Caroline Corr

Ew…..Grubby nails make me instantly think that someone has deplorable hygiene (unless they are a mechanic or maybe a full time gardener). I also hate really long nails and gel nails only because I know how much bacteria can get stuck under both of them (yuck!). This post however, is not to talk about dirty nails and what I do and don’t like, it is to talk about nail polish…fun, flirty and fabulous nail polish! This luxury is illegal at my work. Clean, short and naked nails are how I roll for infection prevention. That said, one of the very first things that I do on my days off is paint my nails. How can one resist when nail polish now comes in such a wide variety of edgy greys, taupes and purples (plus dark and bright staples we have been loving for years!). Names like “You don’t know Jacques” or “Paint my Moji-toes red” are marketing ploys that sucks me in every single time!

This week I was stumbling along reading the few blogs that religiously follow. C&C had a very fun idea to use craft glitter in a corresponding shade on the tips of just one or two nails on each hand. How had I never thought of that?! So one trip to Walmart and a glass of wine later my fingers were dark plum with glitter and after a little convincing my mothers were a beautiful pearly pink with equally adorable glitter tips. You can put on the glitter when the base color is still wet or you can just use a clear top coat on the spot you want glitter (this is easier to control how much and where you put it).

Cute right?

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