I Put Some New Shoes On….

“I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.”-Paolo Nutini

Shoes. Yes, I love shoes. Maybe I have been bred into it or maybe for me it was an entirely environmental thing growing up but I do know this, I have loved them feverishly since I was a child. I can remember my mother coming home from Halifax when I was far too small to even dream of wearing even a size five and being thrilled to see the treasures she had brought back in the infamous green and white John David Shoes bag. I was also the kid that because I had the coolest uncle in the world, I rocked not only dessert boots in the 90’s but I had up to the knee snake skin cowboy boots all the way from Vegas. That’s right kids, I was even a shoe whore at the age of six. Anyway to this day nothing had changed and John David Shoes remains my all time favorite store that just so happens to be owned by one of my all time favorite people.

Interestingly enough I sometimes cheat on John David, and this week when I met my Uncles briefly I happened to have on cheated shoes purchased in Boston in the fall. My uncle pointed out this cheat (not in a bad way), we chatted and I went along to get my hair cut. Leaving the salon, feeling pretty good about my hair and new funky glasses (that are totally over the top and wild) I stepped out onto Spring Garden road, which if you are not familiar with Halifax, it is the top shopping districts in all of metro. My heel must have got caught on the sidewalk because all of a sudden it cracked off entirely and I was left falling arse over tea kettle in my little dress, with my new hair and funky glasses. I completed an entire somersault (which I didn’t even know I was still physically capable of) and landed on my back with ripped tights and a karma ridden smirk on my face thinking to myself “This is what I get for cheating”.

New silver pumps for my besties wedding!
The perfect summer sandal. Totally comfortable, corky and fun.
New “Geek-Chic” specs. Mixed reviews but I love them!

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