I Invented It’s A Good Thing…

“I invented “it’s a good thing” before you were even born”- Martha Stewart

A few weeks ago I went to a good friends house for a few social beverages. It was a great time, I got to meet new people and one of the other guests made guacamole. This is something I have never made before and it was so damn tasty! About a week later we had a pretty rough shift at work and my buddy Keltie and I decided that guac. would be a perfect treat. So going on no recipe it was a little bit risky but even my sister agreed, totally delicious and a perfect appie to bring to any social event! In the words of my hero Martha, “It’s a good thing”.

Here is what I did:

In a bowl I tossed in…

-3 ripe avocados out of the skin and with the pit removed.
-1 large red onion chopped (I like mine a little chunky!)
-2 tomatoes chopped finely
-Sea salt and pepper
-Juice from 1.5 lemons (watch out for the seeds!)
-A toss of chili peppers if you like the heat

Use a fork to mush and stir it all together! I served with the hint of lime nacho chips. Mmm.

Toss and mush it all together!
Doesn’t look like much but man….delicious!

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