A Girl Should be Two Things…

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous..”-Coco Chanel

The Sartorialist is a page that I happen to follow religiously. This is a blog that focuses on street fashion and is produced by a world renowned fashion photographer that has a keen eye for interesting and unique design. The best part of this blog is that about 90% of the people he photographs are just people he sees on the street. I am talking about real people all over the world, not your typical model or celebrity. How very refreshing and inspirational. This blog has spawned many spin offs including one here in Halifax called You Look Fiiine. I must say it is pretty neat to check out Halifax’s stylish people, find out what inspires them and where they get their fantastically fab duds (not to mention the writer is both quirky and fun which is a good combination). Lets just say one of my goals for the summer is to make it onto this blog.

This month The Sartorialist started up his annual vintage photo call, where he asks followers to send in vintage pictures of relatives that were fashion mavens in the making. Of course I could not miss an opportunity like that. Last weekend when I was at my grandparents for a feed of lobster sandwiches I very casually mentioned I would like to send their pictures in to a website. I explained how it worked and Papa was all for it as soon as the words were across my lips. Nanny was a little bit more reluctant but with a little arm twisting she came around and I found two perfect vintage pics to send in! Fingers are crossed that mine get featured in the next month…I shall keep you posted!

Blogs to check out:



My vintage photos…

Jack and Josephine on their first date…he is so handsome!
Perfectly lovely in Polka-dots!
And just because it was so yummy, Nanny’s lobster sandwich…

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