All Hockey Players Are Bilingual…

“All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity.”-Gordie Howe

With the Stanley Cup play-offs well underway and with my guys (Boston) continuing an impressive game repertoire, I thought some snacks and beer were in order. So after a long hard day at work and a quick soak in the tub, there soon was an ice cold Stella in my hand and a thin crust pizza to be made.

I started with a pre-made multi-grain thin crust (yes..lazy I know), layered on some olive oil and some pesto. I thinly sliced an onion and tomato, then tossed on a handful of olives. Topped all of that with some crumbled goats cheese and baked it at 425 for eight minutes. Perfectly simple munchie for a late night game! Don’t like pesto? Try your favorite barbecue sauce (mine is the Spicy Diana Sauce) instead of pesto or pizza sauce and toss on some of those chicken breasts you have been hoarding in your freezer from the BOGO at Sobey’s (come on admit it, you do that too..). The varieties are endless and it most definitely beats take out.

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