Things I Cant Get Enough Of…

This month my current obsessions are a very eccentric mix.

1) I can not get enough of Cat Power and Adele. Maybe I am feeling nostalgic but their smooth jazzy ways have won my heart over.

2) Coral lipsticks…Fun, flirty and just the right punch of summer for this dreary May we have been subjected to by a very witty and cunning mother nature.

3) Bake sales..I made three fudges this week for Kermesse at work, it is a book/bake sale fundraiser. I must say I am scoring 2-1 for my fudge baking abilities. Three different recipes and one has made me question my baking genius. It refused to set and I am sure it is still soft and not even a little bit set in the dumpster outside. Not to worry though, my other two were perfection.

4) Heavy gold jewellery of both the dress up and authentic variety.

5) Summery fruit…Yay for watermelon! Summery flowers…Yay for Lilacs!

6) Strange and quirky vintage store finds.

7)Cork soled platforms and anything nautical. Ahoy!

Heavy gold fun from mom!
Cute little vintage ruby slippers pin!
Summery flowers from the market!
…and fresh summer fruit!

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