Always Write Angry Letters….

“Always write angry letters to your enemies, never mail them.”- James Fallows

Or maybe one should never write angry letters to anyone and simply send long distance hugs in greeting cards to the people you love or care about. Just a thought. That said as I have already expressed my over-the-top love for sending and receiving mail, this post takes it one level further. Homemade cards, dun dun dun.. So simple anyone without even a single creative cell in their bodies can do it. All you need is pretty paper, glue, stamps and envelopes. Want to get extra fancy, throw in some glitter, pearls, ribbon and maybe a quote or two ( Walmart, Michaels and any local crafty spot will have all the supplies you need!). Slap it all together, address and stamp the envelope and stick it in that big red box that is on every few blocks. Bam, you totally just made someones day! Give it a try, someone will love you for it!

Looks Tasty!
Details on the inside too!
Bright envelopes!
Pretty details make them even more exciting to get!
Cute stamps!

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