It’s Like Spicy Food…

“It’s like spicy food, sometimes you have to tone it down so others can enjoy it.”-Kenneth Edmonds

My family always has a soft spot for hot things. The spicier the better when it comes to food and my dad is the king of this. His chili would have taken the lips off of a person who was less accustomed to the degree of heat we grew immune to as children. I still find it strange when people can’t tolerate even mild heat and I sometimes have remind myself that not everyone likes it, especially when I am cooking for more than just my sister and I. What can I say, the Briands are Hot Tamales!

On my last visit home my sister urged Dad to make his famous spicy pasta for us…mmm it was so good! Crushed chilies sitting in olive oil for days in advance bring out the heat and the flavor. Combine that with crisp peppers, mushrooms, chicken, shrimp and linguine and we sure have ourselves a simple yet winning dish! Good food and good company is the best way to spend an evening in at home. Thanks dad!

Chilies in Oil!
Peppers and onion..
Toss in a little protein!
The chef hard at work!
Voila! So good, almost need a glass of milk with this bad boy!
Breakfast at dad`s is equally as tasty!

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