Farmers Market Finds..

A couple of weeks ago I was home visiting friends and family. I luckily happened to be there for a weekend and made it to the Charlottetown Farmers Market. Yes, it may not be massive and it may not have the variety or the eclectic finds that larger markets have but I love going there. Perogies, smoked salmon, noodles and sausages are staples that I always find myself struggling to choose between for my Saturday morning munch at the market. The coffee is always fresh and Caledonia house coffee roasters mean I often end up with a bag of beans that I get to enjoy the smell of the entire drive back to Halifax. Fresh local produce, familiar faces and so many people to talk to and catch up with.  Growing up my parents always took me to the market on a Saturday, which was a tradition I continued when I moved into my own apartment and now even still in a different city. This trip to the Charlottetown market I found myself buying the most beautiful bunches of pussy willows. I purchased one for myself and one for mom…I have yet to find decent ones in Halifax so I was positively thrilled by this find (my dad thought I was ridiculous haha). Little did I know that I would get back to Halifax, arranged said willows in a big vase, think about how perfect they were only to have my sister call to tell me that my little demon cat was throwing up branches and pussy willows all day long. Damn cat. I guess I will make a wreath!

This week mom was in Halifax so the two of us ventured to the seaport market after a lovely breakfast of cinnamon french toast on light rye with my other favorite uncle Peter. It was delicious. We both picked up pretty spider mums and I had an awkward moment with the flower guy (lets just say a few too many beer were ingested on Sunday at the Lower Deck and I was positively thrilled when I saw him. Please note I do not know him and then try to picture me all “OHhh my god! Your the flower guy from the market!! Awkward…). We also found these cute little owls painted on little pieces of granite and mom bought me one as a treat. I always worry that I am a little too cluttered around my place and I probably didn’t need a nick-knack but he was so cute we could not pass him up! Happy Weekend!

…A cosy home by the fire at Mom’s house.
Perfectly packaged.’s all in the details.
Before the cat got the munchies..
French toast on Rye! Mmmm…
Spider Mums!
Mixing it up with mauve!
Roses in the bathroom?
Sure,why not?
Cute little owl!
How could I say no to that face?

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