Gingerbread and All Things Nice…

When I was smaller and when my wonderful Uncle John (he really is the best!) lived on Fenwick street, he and my mother would walk the dog and stop by this tiny little bakery for coffee in the mornings. They would get steaming hot German Roasted coffee almost too strong to drink without an extra helping of milk or sugar or whatever one uses to dress their coffee up.They would also pick up small, chewy and deliciously spicy gingerbread men about the size of my palm for my sister and I. This cafe was called The Gingerbread Haus and the only thing that has changed is that I am no longer in junior high school and I now get a coffee and not the cookie. I also have a sneaky suspicion that their array of decadent German pastry’s has expanded since then but I can not be certain as the details in my memory are faint. Located on Queen street on the corner of Fenwick this sweet little cafe smells enticingly of cinnamon and all things good. Fresh salads, hand made sandwiches and so many buttery pastry treats, it is a lovely place for an afternoon coffee or a light lunch with a friend or family member. Check it out at

California Salad and coffee in a cute little coffee cup.

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