It’s All In The Attitude….

“It’s all in the attitude-housework is exercise. Slim your way to a clean home!”-Linda Solegato

Last week when my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser let me down and no longer erased the greying of the white paint on my cabinets in “high traffic” areas (such as cutlery drawer and wine glass cupboard),I knew it was time for a fresh coat of paint. I have already freshened up these cabinets a couple of times, first when I moved in and then about a year later. If you live in an apartment/house with old drawers and cupboards in your kitchen, they do start to look a little bit grimy after awhile just from regular use. Bleach often works but it does get to a point where fresh paint can go a long way. Most landlords or superintendents will jump at the chance to have the free labor and will gladly oblige in purchasing paint for this purpose. Honestly, with my sister as my witness, within five minutes of calling my super and asking about a white semi-gloss to re-paint my cabinets, they were at the door with paint and the brushes in tow. Utterly instantaneous.

In less than an hours work, including a few breaks to dance to the Joel Plaskett I was blasting from the living room, my kitchen looked fresh and clean! Totally worth it! My only suggestion would be to lock up all adorable little black kitty’s or whatever little four legged friend you have as they are guaranteed to find that little bit of dropped paint, step in it and track it all over the floor. I speak from experience.

Wedding white, as it turns out, is off white.
Mix it up. Stirr it up.
Try to keep it on the surface you are painting..
Kitty prints..
Fresh and Clean! Sweet orange counters or what?

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