Balls Are To Men…

“Balls are to men what purses are to women.”-Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and The City)

The way a junk drawer in a kitchen or the way a basket meant for keys and change slowly fills up with stuff until it can take no more, this is what seems to happen to my purse. I can quote any number women complaining of this or that they can not find anything in their bag. I have been making a conscious effort to avoid this and have been frequently “de-cluttering” my purse and trying to carry only the essentials. This is difficult for the girl that finds lip chap in every possible pocket, basket and drawer.  Here is what I found in my bag today. All of the essentials plus maybe just a little bit more….What’s in your bag?

Not looking too bad…only problem is I have been rocking a small bag!
-I NEVER leave home without my travel mug!
-Wallet incase I need to buy something fabulous or pay bills.
-Day planner in the sweet fabric cover sewn by my bestie Lesley!
-Pink pen, you never know when a famous person like myself may have to sign and autograph or ten!
-Sunglasses, fashion forward and wrinkle free!
-Ipod. Keeps walking to work entertaining.
-Cute kleenex incase I get the sniffles.
Body Shop hemp hand protector. This bad boy goes everywhere with me and my poor chapped hands!
-Keys incase I need a quick getaway…
CO Bigelow Apothecaries Mentha Lip Shine. Glossy and tastes delicious.
-Original Carmex.
-Cherry and SPF Carmex (These are EVERYWHERE in my place! I don`t go anywhere without one or two apparently).
MAC lipstick in a soft pink and a sweet nude.
-Stick of gum.
-Hand sanitizer.

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