Bring The Tulip…

“Bring the tulip, bring the rose, while their brilliant beauty glows”-Eliza Cook

As we are sadly coming to the end of tulip season (the flower man at the market tells me all of his have been cut to save the bulbs for next season) I thought I would do a short post on my all time favorite flower besides forget-me-nots. After a little research I have learned that tulips are meant to represent “perfect love” and that each color carries a different meaning. That said I will tell you why I love tulips so very much and it has nothing to do with any of that!

Tulips are the perfect flower because they are never too outlandish, never over the top and look perfectly elegant and simple in a vase. Although I am a fan of simple and undertsated, they also look lovely when mixed in with a bouquet. They last for a week if taken care of and are the perfect hostess or birthday gift because I personally have never heard anyone exclaim malicious hatred towards them. Along with daffodils and crocuses, they make me think of spring even if we are in the middle of an April ice storm. Tulips are inexpensive and instantly make a home cheery and comfortable. But all of that is just my opinion. I am sure there are tulip haters out there somewhere!

How understated!
In the pretty Easter vase from Mom!
I have adopted a living room lamp in my kitchen. Cosy but slightly out of place. I love it!
In my Dunes frog with some spring colored spider mums!
And for those who don’t know, the roof-top terrace is officially open at the farmers market on the weekends! What a view!

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