A Reccomendation..

To all of those who frequent the lovely Island of Prince Edward, if you have not had the privilege of indulging in a light lunch at Leonhards Cafe and Bakery, I highly recommend it! If you do not frequent or have not been lucky enough to enjoy this little coastal destination you should probably go asap.

This little cafe is the epitome of beautiful. It is light and airy with just the right amount of sparkle. The coffee is always fresh, the lattes are divine and the soups are gluten free and piping hot. All of the ingredients are fresh-local and for just over twenty dollars plus the cost of a tip, you can treat yourself and a friend to coffee and a soup with half a sandwich. I had gluten free potato leek with a foccachia that had fresh veggies, havarti and feta folded between the generous slices. My dad had the same but with an Indian lentil soup. We were both very full and very happy after a tasty lunch and good company!
Check out the link at  http://www.leonhards.ca/


It’s all in the details.
Perfectly Lovely!
Like I said, just the right amout of sparkle!

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