Easter…not just for the kiddies!

At the ripe ages of 25 and 21 years old my sister and I embarked on the adventure of blowing out eggs and dying them the old fashioned way (without a fancy egg dying kit). After poking holes in the top and bottom ends of eggs and blowing till we were blue in the face, we washed them, let them dry and prepped our food coloring. For those interested, 1/2 cup of room temperature water ,1 tbs of white vinegar and 20 drops of food coloring makes the perfect dye (so google tells us, and after testing we would have to agree). You can dip your eggs as many times as you like to deepen the color. We chose to use glitter and paste to decorate our colored eggs (but crayon or wax work if you have them!). The only suggestion we make is do not wear lip gloss while blowing the egg and yolk out of your eggs. Color apparently doesn’t stick to lip gloss and you end up with a very sad looking Easter Egg (right SJ?). Anyway happy Easter weekend everyone!

Keep the eggs free of lip gloss…
Mugs work!
Half-way mark!
Robins Egg Beautiful!
Made one in Sister’s Like-ness.
What a pretty centerpiece!
Peep! Peep!

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