Most Grandmothers…

“Most grandmothers have a touch of scally-wag”- Helen Thomson

Most grandmothers are not my grandmother. My Nanny is all class, all style and always the perfect friend to tell secrets to. She makes the best tea, has the most beautiful skin and always gives honest and excellent advice. No matter how many times I try, I can never make her homemade soup taste half as good as hers does. Hanging out with her and Papa can make an ordinary Sunday a perfectly spent afternoon. I love them.

Did I mention my nanny is stylish and has great taste? She wore the same wedding dress as Grace Kelly, which is the most googled wedding dress ever (Princess Diana’s is up there as well). All of her things have always been of quality and are so classic that they are stylish even thirty years after she purchased them . Here are some of the wonderful things that I have acquired over the years out of her closet.

Trendy details on some beautiful bourbon colored boots!
The perfect Little Black Shift Dress.
A Jackie-O two piece suit.
Sweet white stitching and details.
Perfectly shaped shift underneath!
Didn’t photograph well, but these raw silk vintage Andrew Geller peep toes with crystal bow details make me weak in the knees!
A very happy Nanny at a very fun birthday dinner!

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