Never enough comfortable chairs….

“Nature is by and large to be found out of doors, a location where, it can be argued, there are never enough comfortable chairs”- Fran Lebowitz

Chairs, I probably have too many. My sister is still complaining about the “extra” furniture in the spare room she moved into yesterday. Yes, I am no longer a roomate-less Haligonian (who is still islander at heart!).  Gasp!! Regardless, I feel like accent chairs can be both functional and fabulous! They can be pricey or almost free, needing just a little bit of paint, fabric or sanding! Mine are of the free or almost free variety! Check, check, check, check em out!

Spare room, this was given to me, it was going to be tossed!
Bedroom Bliss! Also saved from the curb (thanks Mer!)
Six dollar yard sale find! I think the fabric cost three times as much!
Throw pillows keep guests comfortable in a deep chair!
Kitchen bistro chairs, all different shaped backs and this is the second time I have revived them!

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