Bad artists…

“Bad artists always admire each others work”-Oscar Wilde

I have spent many a happy afternoon strolling about the NS Art Gallery, local galleries and The Dunes Cafe’ with a good cup of coffee. There are few places that I like more. When I travel I go out of my way to check out the galleries, with The Tate in London and MOMA in NYC topping my list. That said, I can lust after art as much as I like but there is a very small chance that affording it will ever become a reality.

Although I would consider myself an artistic person, an artist I am far from. Winners and Home Sense are my haunts for wall art because in my opinion a bare wall is a sad and naked wall. That said, here is a very simple idea that anyone (with or without an artistic flair) can very easily create without spending very much cash. Pick up a few inexpensive canvases and some acrylic paint from the dollar store that matches your decor. I created mine for my baby blue spare bedroom to spice it up with a punch of color. Paint each canvas a solid color of your choosing and let dry. Take your accent paint and mix it with a small amount of water until it is the consistency of a light syrup. This should pour smoothly and slowly off of a spoon (while the original paint would take quite a while to pour). With a large spoon, take your accent color and let it run down a dry canvas from the top down. More paint will give longer and wider drips, less will give smaller and narrower drips. Do this with the other canvases and you may want to do a different color for each. Let this dry and voila! Unique, hand made wall art that will get lots of notice and compliments. All that without an artistic bone is your body, pat yourself on the back!

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