Is it time to go home yet?

“Is it time to go home yet? I keep clicking these damn shoes, but nothing happens”- Robin Hecht

Many of you know I have a “thing” for shoes. This love of shoes has slowly gotten bigger and has slowly taken over the entire closet in my spare room. This may seem extreme, but I can see every shoe I own and it is easy to find the perfect shoe, for the perfect dress, for the perfect date (haha)! All of this perfect shoe storage is sadly coming to an end with my baby sister moving in for a few months. That entire closet now has to be empty! So where can I put all of my things that have filled up that closet only because my bedroom and hall closets are already full?! I swear…. I am not a hoarder. Well here is the solution that I have come up with. This may be beneficial for any of you who also suffer from the shoe-whore gene.. The dollar store sells wonderful clear plastic shoe boxes. These are compact but can still hold ankle boots and knee high boots if they are of the softer variety. They are clear so it is easy to find the shoes you are looking for, unlike the original box the shoes may have come in. They are easy to stack and look neat and tidy, which is a large bonus for the orderly type like myself! Just an idea.

Far too pretty to pack away!
Small and compact!
Easy to stack! New home in my hall closet!

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