Never go to a doctor…

“Never go to a doctors who’s office plants have died”-Erma Bombeck

House plants. People love them or people hate them. I once overheard a friend say to her future roommate “We can live together…but only if you don’t have plants”. I have an opposite stand to this. My apartment isn’t exactly teeming with house plants, I have three to be exact. But these three are happy, healthy, inviting and have all been in my life for over five years. Needless to say these plants have lasted significantly longer than any of my relationships. The best thing about these plants is that as they grow I can clip off a piece, set it in a vase and let it root. They look pretty in vases and mason jars as they root and then they get potted and passed along to a friend or family member. Try it, ivy is the perfect plant to start with!

Snip off a small clipping…
Place in water to root…
When the roots look like vase on the left, you are ready to pot!

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