Fashions fade…

“Fashions fade but style is eternal”-Yves Saint Laurent

I really like style and fashion. I always have and I have always sort of beat to my own drum in this department. You don’t have to be trendy or up to the minute on fashions to be stylish but wearing what you like with confidence and ease is the trick to success. Finding clothes that suit your body type that fit well are a big help too and accessories like beautiful shoes, jewellery and hair just sort of seals the deal in my opinion. But I am far from an expert.

So. Here are a few of my favorite things!

Favorite fashion blog:

This is the brain child of a fashion photographer who takes pictures of street fashion all around the world (as well as of models are celebrities, but most are random people he sees). This is both interesting and inspiring. Thank you to Miss Brittany to introducing me!

Favorite place to buy shoes:

John David Shoes..

John Ingram has been in business for twenty-one years and he more than knows a thing or two about shoes. For the most up to the minute and fashionable footwear a lady could dream of  and a huge selection in a wide range of tastes and sizes, this modernly decorated store is well worth the trip. Known for quick, friendly and fashionable service, they are located in Park Lane Mall, on good old Spring Garden Road.

As expressed before I have an unquenchable thirst for shoes…I try to behave myself but I may have two pairs on hold as we speak! EEEP!

Favorite places to lust over expensive beautiful things:

Club Monaco, there is something about their clean lines, soft color pallet and simple pieces that will be in style for years to come.

Foreign Affair, a Halifax staple of high fashion, they have a little something for everyone, just not for everyone budget.

Favorite Bargain spots:
 Elsie’s and Put Me On, both are used clothing/ thrift stores located on the upper portion of Queen never know what you are going to find and they are both reasonably priced and oh-so-fun to dig for treasures.

Favorite vintage/ you never know what you will find store:
Dressed In Time, located on Brenton street just off spring garden, these guys specialize in the vintage, fabulous and sort of bizarre. I can spend entire afternoons digging around the racks and hundreds of pairs of shoes, purses and hats. The owner and his girlfriend are also very funny and very unique and eccentric which only adds to the appeal!

Sweet Pea:
Say you have a date and are dying for a new adorable little frock to rock, this is the place that has the cute little dresses for a cute little budget ( most of the time) I must say, their sales people go above and beyond. Kind of like having your very honest best friend with decent fashion sense shopping with you . Good service is awesome.

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