You can never…

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me”-
C.S. Lewis

Back on the tea thing. Most people I knew growing up had china cabinets in their dining rooms. As a child we referred to these, along with formal living rooms as “fancy” rooms and we automatically knew they were off limits for our horsing around or whatever trouble we were getting up to. Many of the said cabinets had an abundance of beautiful tea cups and saucers, be them their mothers china from her wedding, cups passed down through generations, or some purchased over time. I have always thought of this as a waste of a very pretty thing. Just because they may be delicate does not mean they have to be dust collectors. I realize that most people my age do not have tea cups kicking around their apartments. They are becoming an old fashioned thing. I feel that makes them more beautiful and over the years I have been picking them up when I see a pretty one at value village, a flea market or a yard sale. I have also received some as gifts, as my friends know me all too well, and I have a beautiful set of four that my nanny gave me when I purchased my hutch. Yes some of mine may have receipts in them and I am quite certain another is full of matches but I always have them set up so that I can enjoy looking at them and so that I have easy access if I want to find a more practical use for them!

So if you have tea cups and saucers, plan on having some in the near future or are now by reading above paragraph inspired to go hunt for some, here are some ideas for not letting their cuteness go to waste tucked away in a cupboard.

– They make adorable vases. They are short and squat and look lovely on a bedside table or a bathroom counter with a few wildflowers.

– Perfect for serving a dessert in such as a trifle, ice cream/sorbet ( with fruit or decadent sauces), a baked pudding with a sauce or maybe just fresh fruit. Creme brule will set perfectly in a beautiful little tea cup. This will be a fun and unique way to present a dessert to company, martini and wine glasses also serve this purpose well.

-Hosting tea parties? Or maybe company is coming, no need to opt for a mug, tea cups will make your guest feel special and you can enjoy them as well!

-They make lovely candle holders, tea lights fit perfectly into the bottom! China tends to be thin and the warm glow comes right through the cup itself.

-I always have one on my vanity or next to my bed to place my jewellery in when I take it off at night, especially if I plan on putting it on again in the morning. A saucer without a cup works very well too and they are usually just as beautiful!

Just some ideas! Enjoy!

..up on a perch for everyone to see!
…all in a row
That’s where all my matches went!
mmm cranberry tea lights!
really lights up a simple white tea cup!
Pretty on a vanity!
…holds pretty things!
…a saucer will do!
Perfectly pretty!

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