I drive with my knees..

“I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on the phone?”-Sharron Stone

Can you guess what one of the very few products is that actually increases in sales during an economic crisis? Lipstick….seriously google it! During the Great Depression and even in the past three years with the economic crisis in the United States, lipstick sales increased. Instant gratification my friends. Maybe you can’t afford to buy a new dress, new shoes or get an expensive hair cut for one reason or another.  Try skipping the mall (lets face it, retail therapy on credit or window shopping can leave you feeling sad and regretful) and for as low as $1.75  and for as much as $30 , you can have an instant change in your look and an instant self esteem or mood boost. So next time you are feeling a little under the weather, say you are having the kind of day where everything magically makes it’s way to your shirt like a magnet ( be it coffee, pigeon poop or baby vomit…just to name a few). Walk, drive, cycle or bus your way to Walmart, Shoppers , M.A.C or where ever you like to spend your hard earned dollars and pick out a new shade of red, a pretty nude or a fun pop of pink-melon.  But promise me two things….

1) Ask for help in selecting a color. Bad lipstick is just as bad as a really bad haircut, people can’t help but stare..

2) Don’t perfectly match your new lips to your shirt, your purse, your fabulous new shoes or anything like that. Close is ok, identical is really bad.


Some of my shades…MAC is my all-time fav…

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