I Get Mail..

“I get mail, therefore I am..”-Scott Adams

I don’t really get that much mail personally. I get bills and reminders of car and dentist appointments. I get flyer’s telling me about the best pizza in Halifax and how it can be mine for only $10. I also get an awful lot of mail from a certain Megan Leslie, the NDP leader for Halifax. I really wish she would stop writing me, I have never even met the woman and she is wasting so much paper! But then every once and a while there is this little glimmer in my small, rectangular mail slot. A diamond in the rough, a card, a real card from a friend or my mom. My mom often sends me mail. I think there are few things better than getting real mail, heart sent “Just wanted to say Hi’s”, or holiday mail which is equally as good. This is why about once a month, sometimes more often, sometimes less often, I send long-distance, mail-by-post- love to friends and family. Its becoming a problem, I can’t pass up a good card when I see one. Now I have a basket of cards sitting next to my pens and my address book, patiently waiting to be sent to unexpected people and hopefully brighten their day.

Surprisingly, this post is not to talk about sending mail or making cards, although it is fun and well appreciated. If you are anything like me, which you probably are not..I can’t throw away a card that I receivee. All my cards are neatly bundled and kept in a vintage shoe box. Some of these cards are beautiful and some are just silly. So this is an idea for anyone that needs wall art and that has particularly beautiful or meaningful mail. This even works for a card you may have purchased just because you loved it so much. Instead of filing these cards away where you can’t enjoy them or tossing them in the trash (gasp!!!)  . Try framing them and using them as art. I have two cards in my kitchen. You would never know they are cards, one is from my sister when she was living away and one is from my nanny and papa. Inexpensive frames, mine are from Walmart, can turn meaningful cards into beautiful works of art. Think about it.

My collection…
…neat little bundles
Beautiful card from my sister..
Meaningful card from my grandparents (this bad boy even sings you a song!)
Turned into instant art!
I love my mismatched random and scattered framed pictures/cards in my kitchen
Future framing projects..

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