Hello all!

Hello world!  This is a project that begins with peer pressure and ends with a  need of a creative outlet for a full-time NICU nurse looking for a little something to work on besides work itself. As my best friend says, I am “knacky”. I like to do projects, hunt for treasures at thrift stores, flea markets and on the side of the road. I take them home to my shabby but slightly chic apartment in an ancient low-rise building (it seriously looks like an elementary school found in some remote village… shhhhaaabbby) and  polish them up and make them my own.
My other hobbies might include:
– baking and trying not to eat what I have baked.
-pawning baked goods off on friends (so that I do not eat them).
-drinking as much coffee as humanly possible.
-grooving to the oldies.
-talking about my cat all the time…I kid.. although she is pretty darn cute!
-reading anything I can get my hands on.
-listening to anything I can get my hands on.
-sending love letters and mail to my friends and loved ones .
Ah you get my drift, regardless bear with me, I am about as technically savvy as a 96-year-old who still can’t get the VHS player to work.

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