I would rather have roses…

“I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck”- Emma Goldman

Haha…maybe not but as many know, I am a very big fan of fresh flowers. I almost always have a vase with a few stems on my kitchen table as well as in my bathroom and often next to my bed. They boost my mood and I feel they make a home inviting and warm, not to mention they can be a small and inexpensive luxury that is especially affordable if you know where to shop and if you are pinching pennies. Research shows (ya..I researched it ha) that the presence of fresh flowers can instantly boost a mood, decrease anxiety, stress and depression and are in general very good for ones well being.The farmers market is where I like to pick mine up! I have a very loving relationship with the farmers market but in my opinion the flowers are the best part! They are cheap…dollar roses, three for five spider mums and Gerber daisy’s and many new and different things each week. If you are lazy they even have pre-made bouquets for usually around twelve bucks. What is not to love?

Where else can you get roses for a dollar that have been freshly cut?
Or spider mums that last for two weeks in a sunny spot?
Picked up this morning with my friend Ally…$5
Last week’s market purchase..$6

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